Selling Your House Without a Listing Agent

A new twist exists to selling your home as a FSBO (For Sale by Owner), and it’s no surprise either – the internet. Just as intriguing is your option of the plethora of websites that are now popping up all over the internet, the “we list site”. Devilishly enterprising individuals have created internet websites that offer a FSBO the opportunity to look totally professional when selling their home. The popularity of such sites is in response to the rising costs of housing, and the associated realtors fees and commissions incurred when selling a home. It’s the new wave of home selling without the benefit of a realtor, and there are unexpected costs, and associated risks when attempting to sell your home as a FSBO.

Because of the advent of the internet people that are wanting to sell their homes no longer have to settle for sticking a homemade sign in their front yard, and just running a local ad in a newspaper. For a fee mass marketing gurus provide internet instructions to FSBOs a semi instructional guide for the steps necessary to sell their homes. There are many services that you can garner from using an online website to sell your home, but remember that you as the seller must be aware of the risk of taking advice from any internet website. Often times there are other issues that you might not be aware of when ordering their services too, such as unexpected costs associated with the listing of your home, or even different levels of membership packages. Here is a typical outline that many websites promote for their online services but sellers beware.

• Payment For Services – Different types of packages are available, and cost varies. Remember to read the fine print. Payment is usually accepted via a credit card. • Picture Submittal Service – Limitations exist on the amount of pictures that you will be able to submit. Additional fees are required if you feel that more are required to show off your home to its best potential. Also, if you are not too handy with a camera, or don’t have the requested type of camera for the picture, a submittal fee is charged if you need them to take the pictures for you.

• Yard Sign Service – In many packages a professional looking yard sign is available, but for an extra rental fee. Understand too that any unintentional damage to the sign will cost you for replacement. If ordering more than one sign to place at other areas to advertise your home there is extra cost associated with it too. Sites that advertise their service also state that they are not responsible for any damage to any buried services, such as electrical, gas or telephone lines due to the placement of their signs. It’s your responsibility to find the existing lines and finical liability.

• Paper Advertisements of Flyers/Brochures Service – Basic print advertisements in a pre – designed format is an additional cost. You will need to be able to print quality advertisements from home on high grad stock or glossy paper, or incur the cost of having them professionally printed.

• Print Purchase and Counter Offer Form Service – These forms are available for you to print with an additional fee.

• Disclosure Property Forms – Usually there are no additional fees, but the standard disclosure form, and the federally mandated lead disclosure form are released only when services are paid for in advance. This does not include other attorney’s fees for the review of the forms to ensure complicity to the federal, state and local requirements.

• Curb Box Advertisement Holder Service – For an additional fee a separate informational wooden sign may be rented, or a tube attached to your rented for sale sign. Again, any damage to the individual sign or tube will be your finical responsibility.

As you can see a careful evaluation is needed when considering using an internet website as a FSBO. Hidden cost can quickly eat up profits, and expose you to extensive law suits by unhappy buyers. Without the use of a realtor that is a trained professional you loose out on their insight and experience when trying to sell your home. Remember to read the fine print and carefully weigh your options.

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